This all depends on a range of factors, including number of guests, type of menu, where you want to get married, and how you want the venue dressed.

First of all, it’s important to choose the date and whether you want to get married in winter or summer, because summer weddings in sunny Portugal (July until September) are generally more expensive.

However, on average, for 100 guests, the bride and groom can make a nice wedding party for approximately 17 000€ , without counting with other expenses, for example, wedding dress and e groom suit.

A precious help, for you manage all this expenses and for you don’t make rash decisions, is a wedding planner. This professionals have a broad knowledge about all de services that you need for your wedding, like the suppliers prices as their quality. Besides that, there are many times that the suppliers give discounts to the wedding planners, meaning to you, thing that wouldn’t happen without this help.

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So, if you hire a wedding planner, that doesn’t mean that you will pay more for your wedding, quite the contrary, it can even be a financial aid and, in addition, it is also a valuable aid for everything to go well, thus achieving a memorable event!

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