As you know, there are many venues where you can make true your big day.
However, as you can imagine, there are no equal venues, no equal services and much less equal quality. All of these venues have their own characteristics that define them as, or not, your venue of choice.
I am going to talk about what I consider be three of the most important aspects for your selection’s venue.
I always recommend to my bride and groom to start for a simple question, that it is think “How many guests you want in your wedding?”. Even if it’s a provisional list, it will help you a lot in that choice, because not all wedding’s venues have the same capacity and on that way you can eliminate many venues.
Another point is about what you want for your wedding. Do you want marriaged in a beach? In countryside? In a vineyard? In a boat? In a farm? In an hotel?
There are so many possibilities for decide the best way for your big day.
At last, but not the least important, you have to know your budget. The wedding’s prices vary a lot from venue to venue, for example, it can start at seventy euros and end at four hundred euros for person. This is a factor that you should take on consider.
Who can help you on this selection is , without doubt, your wedding planner.

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