Yes, you can get married during COVID-19!

This pandemic situation came to intimidate many brides and grooms to take the big step, however, although it is essential have some additional precautions, as physical distance ( minimum 2 meters (6 feets) between people, in all the moments), the use of mask by all people, compliance with respiratory etiquette measures, not having any physical contact with other people in the presence of symptoms suggestive of COVID- 19, and disinfection and hand washing and surface cleaning; we can always make your big day, the Wedding, came true.

There has been a continuous effort on the part of the wedding planners to provide the best response to the bride and groom, with possible changes in the number of guests or with the table separators needed , careful disinfection of spaces, availability of masks, disinfectants, barriers or other essential accessories for everything to go the way everyone wants.

All the LUXE Destination Weddings’ team, as all our partnerships, are ready for give you and your guests the best day of your life.

Of course, sometimes there will have to be a small or large reduction in the number of guests (50% of the venue’s capacity), or to maintain the 100%, but with physical barriers.

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However, at LUXE Destination Weddings, we are able to help the bride and groom to take all necessary precautions in a more troubled time, but which will always be memorable for the bride and groom, family and friends.
COVID-19 will not prevent you from having a unforgettable day!

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