A dream destination for weddings.

A little box full of wonderful surprises, stories told by their magnificent castles, palaces, convents, churches, beaches, or long fields, plains and valleys bathed by a sweeping sun. This is Portugal.

And still… beautiful hotels full of charm, country clubs, boats or cruises, where we can accomplish your wedding!

Douro Valley

The Douro River Valley in Portugal is certainly one of the places on the Lusitanian map that helped the country win the 2018 World’s Best Destination Award, recognized as a World Heritage.

The Douro Valley is situated in the most famous wine region of Portugal. It is here that is produced the Porto’s Wine. There are reports that this drink has been for over 2.000 years in this place.

For that reason, there is nothing better than taking a tour of the region to see its wedding venues, stroll in the vineyards and visit the wineries.

Winning Wineries, Palaces e Historic convents, medieval granite houses and long endless vineyards on the slopes of the Douro represent some of the region’s top attractions much in demand for a dream wedding.


Let yourself be enchanted by the capital of Portugal!

It is a city with charm, full of histories to tell, with its colourful streets and nice people.

Lisbon has a beauty that that leaves no one indifferent.

The historical monuments, the belvederes, the seven hills of Lisbon (Castelo, São Vicente, São Roque, Santo André, Santa Catarina, Chagas and Sant’Ana), the tramways, the Tejo River, the gastronomy and the pleasant climate practically all year round are undoubtedly a great attraction for groom and bride, who want a different destination for their big day.


A very romantic destination for couples looking for a quieter city full of friendly people who know how to welcome all their tourists, and why not… their foreign groom and bride!

Excellent place for lovers of serenity and tranquillity who appreciate long plains with green fields and a pleasant warmth that invites all tourists to know the Alentejo, a place with much to tell.


This is the touristic destination for a lot of foreigners.

Known for its many strengths, Algarve is undoubtedly an excellent choice for your wedding.

From the excellent weather that describes it, the beautiful beaches, the cuisine where we find a wide variety of fish dishes, the nightlife well known to all who have visited the Algarve, and the friendliness of its inhabitants.

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