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Organization and Management of all services for a Wedding

Team’s LUXE accomplishes all the organization and management of the weddings that it performs.

Always paying special attention to all the expectations of their clients, trying to reach and exceed all your wishes, it aims for a memorable event that will be remembered not only by the bride and groom, but by each guest.

That way, the bride and groom may enjoy their engagement!

This service may include:
  • Suggestion and presentation of wedding’s places and services;
  • Management of all selected services;
  • Budget management support;
  • Suggested places for accommodation and booking.
  • Organization of additional events: welcome reception; farewell brunch, etc.
  • Support on choosing the honeymoon (by a partner travel agency).

Coordination of the services on the wedding’s day

The wedding’s coordination is as important as the organization. Composed of several professionals such as wedding planners, coordinators, managers, hostesses, the whole team manages all event on wedding’s day, being the first one to arrive and the last one to leave to ensure the success of the event.

The LUXE’s team only performs a single event per day to ensure a quality of excellence.

It’s includes:

  • Presence of LUXE’s professionals on your wedding’s day: Wedding planners, managers, coordinators and hostesses (who speak several languages).


The whole is more than the sum of its parts…

This is the result of the LUXE Destination Weddings’ team’s decorations.

First, the concept will be decided together with the bride and groom and after it will be presented a decoration’s budget. All decoration’s assembly and disassembly is made by the team, as well as, all process related with decoration of the event.

It’s includes:

  • Decoration’s assembly and disassembly;
  • Rental of materials;
  • Creation of wedding’s design.

Wedding Lawsuit Management

The wedding’ process, namely for foreigners who wishing to marry in another country isn’t a simple process.

In most cases, this is a complex process, which requires the knowledge who does it.

For this reason, LUXE Destination Weddings works with lawyers who are able to meet the demands that a marriage requires.

Symbolic Ceremonies

For bureaucratic, time or economic reasons, the bride and groom often choose this solution.

Symbolic ceremony is often the ideal solution for many couples.

The symbolic marriage consists of a wedding with only the bride and groom or 300 other guests, in which at the legal level the marriage won’t be valid.

Often this couple would have already married legally in their country, wanting the symbolic ceremony elsewhere that would otherwise be more complex.

LUXE Destination Weddings has several multi-language domain ceremonialists.

How does LUXE Destination Weddings works?

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